Want to go abroad?

Recent graduates often ask, how, as a recent graduate with little savings, have I been able to pick up everything and move overseas?

Well, no one does anything alone. And thankfully, I was lucky enough to have several *patient* individuals who put up with my stream of petulant interrogation, and help me think through my options.

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part.

My alma mater asked me back to talk at a career conference in February 2012 to help upcoming graduates think through alternative options to post-graduation.

Here’s my quick answer for the attendees. Hopefully it’ll help cut down on stumbling around time.

Recommend sites to search and how to think through your next steps: Ideas to get you started on your alternate post-graduation plans (a word doc slide summary).

Here’s a snapshot of the conference, my interview starting 0:39. Grateful to the organizers, to get the chance to share and point soon-to-be and recent grads in the right direction.

Always up for chatting about new options, and searching for the right next step. Questions, or just need a sounding board? Send me a tweet!

What resources have you used? What’s helped you, and what did you choose to do?

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