Video Projects

As a mobile journalist and digital reporter with, I was armed with an iPhone 4 to scout, capture, produce, and tweet all forms of digital content. I shot multiple projects using a mobile mic, tripod, and a nifty tool called the glif. Editing done in iMovie.

Find a few of my projects below.


Kitchen Battle: 1201 hosts Momocho

Originally hosted on, this video highlights a culinary showdown for two for restaurateurs in Erie, Pennsylvania. This was one of my favorite projects I did with GoErie, showcasing the colorful culinary personality of the region. 

Shot with: iPhone 4; edited in: iMovie

Posted: March 13, 2012


Like My Thai? Pop Up Restaurant

Originally posted on, this profile goes behind the scenes of Erie’s pop restaurant Like My Thai?, run by a local couple serving their own iterations of Vietnamese and Thai classics.

Shot with: iPhone 4; edited in: iMovie

Posted: March 29, 2012

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